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CC Version I can't instal it.

Liang MinChieh 4 years ago • updated by Syed Shah Wali yesterday at 3:45 a.m. 13

cut&sliceme for photoshop cs6 Helpe me please

Abdul Waheed 4 months ago • updated by Syed Shah Wali 4 days ago 9

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cut and slice me for photoshop cc 2015?

Yaniv Rozilyo 3 years ago • updated by Mudasir Nazar 1 year ago 1

Cut @3x for iPhone 6 Plus screens.

Almas Adilbek 3 years ago 0

Support xxxhdpi

Ramy Adel 3 years ago 0

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When exporting layer with shadow for iOS, none-retina png's shadow is distorded.

Almas Adilbek 5 years ago • updated by Daniel Marcos Perujo 4 years ago 1